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Gadget shopping in Sabah

When it comes to gadgets, Sabah is a place where you can get the latest and greatest gadgets available on the market. Be it Samsung or Xiaomi or Apple, we have it all here. So which shopping mall or shop is voted the most complete place to quench your gadget thirst? Continue reading!

One of the oldest shopping complex in KK is Karamunsing Complex, this place is kind of like “the Lowyat Plaza” of Sabah, where competing computer shops is just a few steps away. You can basically get everything here, laptops, desktops, printers, handphones, Apple gadgets & more. This is the place we go to whenever we need something for the office or simply need an upgrade for a brand new phone. Do visit a few places and compare the prices before making that final purchase.

Notable shops include:
Huat Ming Electronics
Top Kinabalu
& etc.

Next up is the latest mall in town, Imago Mall.

Although there aren’t many computer shops here, there are quite few mobile phone shops here and Imago is probably the most comfortable shopping mall to be in with sufficient amount of chairs for resting and many restaurant choices.

Notable shops in Imago: