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Change of Operation Focus

Back in the year 2013, I started D’Bayu Souvenirs with no staff, situated right off Jalan Pantai, beside Daya Hotel. The shop was merely a hundred square feet, and there were only a few souvenirs shops around Gaya Street. Despite having a one man show business, the business was doing pretty good, putting up some positive figures every month, until a series of mishaps struck our beloved land of Sabah and Malaysia. I then had to let go of the business in pursue of something else in my career.

At the same year, I founded with a mission in mind, to promote the tourism of Sabah. (Naive, yeah?) We have world famous diving spots around Sabah like Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Kapalai, Mataking & etc. just to name a few, and also Mount Kinabalu for the hikers, but in general, Sabah isn’t famous enough to be chosen as THE destination of choice for vacations. Our general crowd was merely hikers or divers alike. Not for the family type of vacations, until the recent boom of Korean tourists and China tourists.

Through Instagram, a photo sharing platform, I can show how beautiful Sabah is, and safe to travel, Sabah would be their destination of choice for vacations/holidays.

There weren’t many instagram accounts back promoting the tourism of Sabah back then, with the likes of @ilovesabah , @sabaheats, @kotakinabalueat, @foodiotkk @kkcity being present at the time. Nowadays you can see a lot of Instagram accounts promoting Sabah food, local businesses and etc.

I wasn’t constantly active in writing journals for DearSabah, but when I do, I usually do micro-blogging on the Instagram instead, which leaves this website lack of new updates. For that, I apologize to the fans of this site. (If there’s any, haha)

Without enough fan base, becoming a part time food blogger isn’t very profitable, to sustain a living, or just sustaining the site, the revenues from the ads are too little or none existence. Therefore, in order to sustain the operation of, I am starting to look for other source of income to sustain the website, shifting the main focus of being a food blog into a online souvenirs shop instead. Let me know what do you think? Would you recommend your friends to buy souvenirs off our website?

Before I sign off, I would like to thank you all for your support over the years, and stay tuned for more updates! I will still do some writing here and there whenever I have fresh ideas. Thank you! Adios for now!

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Sabah FA Ended the 23-years title drought

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah FA achieved its mission to win the 2019 Malaysian Premier League title, by overpowering the hosts at the UiTM Shah Alam stadium 2-1.

The victory gave Sabah a total of 40 points, 7 points clear in the Malaysian Premier League table, which cannot be matched by any other teams in the league this season.

This achievement also ended Sabah’s 23-year trophy drought which did not came easy.

The squad led by manager Jelius Ating was down 1-0 at half time before responding with two goals in the second half to come out as the champion of Malaysian Premier League 2019. Sabah FA also confirmed its place in the Super League next season by beating JDT II 1-0 at the Pasir Gudang stadium last week.

Overall, Sabah FA dominated the game against UiTM Shah Alam nonetheless.

Zarko Korac’s 29th minute freekick gave the hosts a 1-0 lead by striking the ball pass the defense wall, away from the penalty line, which left Sabah’s goalkeeper Rozaimie Rohim stranded.

UiTM had 6 shots on target in the first half, but only managed to convert one of the chances into a goal.

The second half was quite balanced, but Sabah was the lucky side by converting the two chances they had into goal.

The goal that Sabah was looking for came in the 57th minute resulted from a calm penalty by Rodoljub Paunovic, putting the ball at the opposite direction of the goalkeeper to equalize the score.

The penalty was given by the referee, Mohd Fairuzi Mat desa after the ball hit the hand of one of UiTM’s defender, who tried to stop Alto Linus in the penalty box.

More than 2,000 Sabah supporters including Acting SAFA President Datuk Peter Anthony were rewarded with the winning goal by Aguinaldo Mendes’s header in a corner swung in by Ricco Nigel Milus in the 66th minute.

Source: Sabah FA

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Let’s learn BM & Kadazan!

It’s always good to learn a few words of the native language of a country you’re visiting, to experience and understand more about the local culture of the country that you’re visiting. So if you’re visiting Sabah for the first time, this might come in handy.

Bahasa Melayu is the official language of Malaysia and Bahasa Kadazan is the native language of the Kadazan ethnic. Credits to the original author of this table. Source link down below. Enjoy!

Let’s learn to speak in Kadazan Language

Salam Sejahtera!

Selamat datang!

Selamat pagi!

Selamat tengahari!

Selamat petang!

Selamat malam!

Apa khabar?

Khabar baik. Terima Kasih.

Siapa nama awak?

Nama saya ialah Emilda.

Terima kasih.

Selamat Jalan!


Kopivosian do kinoikatan nu!

Kopivosian doungosuvab!

Kopivosian doungadau!

Kopivosian minsosodop!

Kopivosian doungosodop!

Onu abal nu?

Avasi boh. Kotohuadan.

Isai Ngaan Nu?

Ngaan ku nopo nga’ i Emilda.


Tumoodo no!



Good Morning!

Good Afternoon!

Good Evening!

Good Night!

How are you?

Fine. Thank you.

What is your name?

My name is Emilda.

Thank you.

Good Bye!


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Top 10 Car Models in Sabah

With the lack of public transport infrastructure in Sabah (sad but true), it’s inevitable that you’ll soon end up buying your own car after graduation. Here are the top 10 car models in Sabah (based on posts in

1. Toyota Hilux

Starting at RM100k-RM138k, this has got to be the most popular 4WD in Sabah. This versatile vehicle is a must have for every home in Sabah. With its powerful 2.8L turbo engine, you can drive up to the Kinabalu Park with ease while doing it in style.

2. Perodua Myvi

Our second National car, the Perodua Myvi is the most popular car in Malaysia. It has just been recently upgraded with a new more aggressive look, but nothing beats this classic cute compact car which you can drive around the city , with a economic fuel consumption and maintenance fee. And it’s very easy to park! A good choice for newbie drivers.

3. Isuzu D-Max

A great alternative to the Toyota Hilux, the Isuzu D-Max is one of the more powerful pick-up available in the market. It has very good fuel consumption too! Drives well, and looks good!

4. Toyota Vios

Popular among the value for money crowd, the Toyota Vios is well built, and can last for years with a fairly low maintenance costs and a very good fuel consumption with its reliable 1.5 engine, while maintaining good resale value down the years.

5. Proton Saga (BLM)

Our first National car, Proton Saga has been around since 1985, and a popular choice over the Perodua Myvi / Perodua Bezza due to its price point and size.

6. Toyota Landcruiser

The creme de la creme of Japanese 4WD, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular choice in Sabah. While not officially brought in by UMW Malaysia, this car is the best choice if you’re looking for a powerful 4WD with a luxury interior.

7. Honda City

Another car built for the young crowd, the Honda City is fun to drive in the city with an adequate powerful 1.5L iVTEC engine.

8. Toyota Avanza

A potentially great family car, the Toyota Avanza can fit up as much a 7 persons with a reliable engine. Although in my opinion the engine is slightly under-powered for its size, the reliable and fuel efficient engine is makes up for driving in the city or an weekend family outing.

9. Honda Civic

Coming to the 10th Generation this year, this generation of Civic is targeted at the young market, with its sporty and aggressive look compared to the previous generation. Over the years, the Honda Civic has been one of the most popular Honda model in Kota Kinabalu ever since the days of EG. Honda introduced a turbo engine in this generation of Civic, giving it a power boost for its already powerful iVTEC engine. Furthermore, with its 1500cc engine, you can save up on road tax, which is around RM60 per year.

10. Ford Ranger

Probably the most compared model to the Toyota Hilux, not only the Ford Ranger has a good look, the Ford Ranger is powerful while providing a nice interior for its passengers. It is also a joy to drive.

Let me know down below in the comments section if you agree on this list? Happy safe driving everyone!

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Top 10 traditional Kadazan dishes

Many did not know there are many food and products that are not widely available in the market but important to Sabah’s culture such as Bambangan, Tuhau,Tapai, Hinava, Yellow wine 黄酒, and etc.

Here are the top 10 traditional Sabahan dishes. Source and pictures from


Bambangan is a seasonal wild mango fruit which the local indigenous people enjoy. The bambangan is a spherically-shaped, orangey fruit covered with brown skin. When ripe, it can be peeled and eaten similarly to how you would a mango fruit.

Bambangan fruit
Pic: Bambangan fruit

What makes it special is the variety of ways it can be consumed. Commonly, the bambangan is pickled or cooked with fish. The unripe bambangans are usually made into “Pinasakkan” (steamed) with fish and the ripe ones are fried with salted fish. The bambangan seed is usually grated, mixed into the flesh, and eaten.

Bambangan pickle
According to the locals, there is a significant change of taste when eating the bambangan with grated seeds. The bambangan is a seasonal fruit, thus you won’t be able to get it all year round. When it is in season however, they can be found in the local wet markets.

Bambangan fruit cordial
Pic: Bambangan fruit cordial is available for sale. Now you can enjoy Bambangan juice.


The tuhau is not a dish per se, but think of it as an ingredient. It is a type of ginger which is shaped like a small stick-like figure. First time eaters might find the tuhau’s odor very repelling, but many who have endured the smell find that they become very fond of the taste, in a very weird way the smell soon behaves as the precursor to the deliciousness of the tuhau.


stems of Tuhau for sale
The tuhau stem is used in many dishes, mainly fish. Tuhau is usually minced into smaller bits, it can then be fried with salted fish or mixed into the “Pinasakkan” fish. The tuhau can be bought at almost all local wet markets and are available all year round unlike the bambangan.

Tuhau pickle


Think of Hinava as the Kadazan / Dusun version of sashimi. The Hinava is mainly made of minced fish marinated with lime long enough to “cook” the fish. The citric acid kills the bacteria in the fish, and “cooking” it at the same time. Pretty smart for a traditional dish don’t you think?

Hinava, Kadazan food
The hinava is usually mixed with other ingredients such as onions, grated bambangan seeds, or ginger among other things. Hinava is usually available during festive celebrations.

Unfortunately, because of its short shelf life and stock of ingredients, the hinava isn’t sold. If you’re lucky to visit Sabah on Kaamatan or participate in a Kadazandusun celebration you might be able to get your hands on some hinava. But do not fret! We at breeze have another way for you to to get your hands on the hinava during non-festive seasons.

Hinava fish salad
You can contact the people at Tagal Tinopikon Park and request for some hinava to be prepared for you. Placing your order a week early would be preferable as they will need time to gather the ingredients.

This write-up is contributed by Andro Matthew Anthony Sandor (Thank You Bro!). You may visit his Youtube channel “Bah palan palan” for more content:
Andro A. Sandor

Tuhau and Bambangan pickles for sale
Pic: Tuhau and Bambangan pickles are available for sale at countryside stalls along the roads to Ranau, Kundasang, Tambunan and Keningau.

Tuhau and Bambangan pickles for sale
Pic: Tuhau (red) and Bambangan (yellow) pickles. Please note Bambangan is seasonal.

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Gadget shopping in Sabah

When it comes to gadgets, Sabah is a place where you can get the latest and greatest gadgets available on the market. Be it Samsung or Xiaomi or Apple, we have it all here. So which shopping mall or shop is voted the most complete place to quench your gadget thirst? Continue reading!

One of the oldest shopping complex in KK is Karamunsing Complex, this place is kind of like “the Lowyat Plaza” of Sabah, where competing computer shops is just a few steps away. You can basically get everything here, laptops, desktops, printers, handphones, Apple gadgets & more. This is the place we go to whenever we need something for the office or simply need an upgrade for a brand new phone. Do visit a few places and compare the prices before making that final purchase.

Notable shops include:
Huat Ming Electronics
Top Kinabalu
& etc.

Next up is the latest mall in town, Imago Mall.

Although there aren’t many computer shops here, there are quite few mobile phone shops here and Imago is probably the most comfortable shopping mall to be in with sufficient amount of chairs for resting and many restaurant choices.

Notable shops in Imago:

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Top 10 Dining Spot in KK

Sabah is known for its famous local delicacies such as Laksa, Hainan Chicken Rice, Tuaran Mee and many more. Besides the local food, we also have a lot of high quality restaurants in KK for you to dine in.

Here are the top 10 places that I’d recommend:

  1. Shoney’s
  2. Brass Monkey
  3. Grazie
  4. Gusto
  5. Toscani’s
  6. Little Italy
  7. Meet & Wine
  8. Tato Ria
  9. Peppino’s
  10. Ferdinand’s
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Top 10 Sunset Spots in Sabah

According to Kathleen Peddicord of the Huffington Post, Sabah has one of the world’s best sunsets in the world. There’s more reasons for this to be true, especially with our clear sky and location near to the sea, one couldn’t find it hard to appreciate a nice view of the sunset around KK. Here are the top 10 list of the best places to view sunsets in Kota Kinabalu:

1. Tanjung Aru Beach


The reason why I put this as the top spot from this list is because of the memories we had at this place. For those who were born before the 90s would know that this place used to be the place to stop by for some street food and coconut drink. Some of us used to swim here too! It was the best place to hang out for yumcha sessions back then!

2. Sutera Harbour Resort


Sutera Harbour Resort is a 384-acre fully-integrated property development on the coastline of Kota Kinabalu city centre in Sabah, Malaysia.

Sutera Harbour Resort is the perfect spot for a sunset view in the city, it has a nice bar and pool, you can enjoy some good food or even a cold beer!


3. Shangri-la Tanjung Aru

Located approximately 10min away from the city, Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa promises luxury and relaxation in an idyllic beachfront setting. This tropical retreat features 492 contemporary-styled rooms and suites reflecting Borneo’s rich cultural heritage. A wealth of enriching experiences beckon within the resort and beyond. Enjoy rewarding water sports activities and island-hopping cruises, awaken the senses with a blissful spa treatment, or start the day with a fulfilling yoga session. Young families are well catered to with hours of fun guaranteed at the resort’s Water Play Area & Pool, the only one of its kind in Borneo.

4. KK Waterfront (Anjung Samudera)


The Waterfront, is the city’s premier entertainment and dining centre. Locals and tourists alike have come to regard The Waterfront as the place to be for a casual fun night out with restaurants and cafes serving a wide range of local and international cuisine. Pubs, karaoke bars and a dance club with lively music set the mood for a memorable evening in the city.Within walking distance are the Le Meridien, Promenade and Hyatt Kinabalu hotels as well as a number of budget accommodation. Shopping centres from air-conditioned malls to open-air markets selling anything and everything under the sun are also close by…

The Waterfront is accessible by bus, taxi or if you’re staying at any of the resorts within or outside the city, by shuttle bus. If you miss your shuttle back, taxi service is available 24-hours a day. There is ample parking space within and adjacent to the waterfront.